Aug 18

Here are 5 Cheap Daewoo Washing Machines 2017

Everyone would want clean clothes and fragrant aroma. But, if you have to wash the manual, it must be a waste of time, energy and you may not finish other household chores. It would be nice if you use advanced equipment that has been created now. Well, take advantage of the Daewoo vendor’s quality washing machine to help finish your laundry.

It’s good, you look for references in advance about 5 cheap daewoo washers 2017 to be used as a benchmark price when buying this quality washing machine. Although somewhat new, Daewoo name is to be reckoned with. Daewoo issued several variants of the washing machine that has good design and best quality. There is a capacity of 7 kg tubes, 7.5 kg, to 10 kg. You can choose everyday wash needs.

When washing with Daewoo, you should not pour a detergent that is too much. Because in addition to wasteful, also not good for the fabric. Before inserting the laundry into a washing machine tube, check the pants pocket or other parts that may contain hard objects. To save electricity, unplug the plug when the machine is not in use. To be durable, place the washing machine in a dry or non-humid area. Here are a selection of 5 cheap daewoo washers 2017!

1. Daewoo DWF700W white is a top loading washing machine with capacity up to 7 kg. This machine is designed using Star Drum technology that serves able to care for cloth fibers so that clothing is not easily damaged when washed. Harga mesin cuci Daewoo is priced around IDR 1.9 million.
2. Daewoo DWD-M8731 white is a front loading washer equipped with 24 wash program to ensure the cleanliness of your clothes. This washing machine is designed using Intelligent washing system and universal motor, which will produce better laundry than other washing machines. While the price is around IDR 3.6 millions.
3. Daewoo DWT-700 is a washing machine with a capacity of up to 7 kg of laundry designed using a plastic body with transparent door and has a win dry spin technology. While the price itself is quite cheap around IDR 1.4 million.
4. Daewoo DWF807ELC is a washing machine with a top door that has a capacity of 7 kg. This washing machine has only one tube, so the washing and drying is done in one tube, the price is IDR 1.9 millions.
5. Daewoo DWT-100, washing machine with a capacity of up to 10.5 kg designed using wind dry spin technology with transparent door is priced at around IDR 2 million.
6. Daewoo DWF908ElC washing machine with a capacity of 8 kg, the opening using top loading and dibanderol worth IDR 2.1 million.
Thus the price list of 5 cheap daewoo washers 2017. Begin to consider it to get the best washing machine.