Monthly Archive: December 2016

Dec 28

Horse Racing Range Changes and Pitch to Dirt

Because there are so many factors in horse racing handicapping it is often difficult to dimension up a competition and come to a summary about the real possibility of each horse successful. When that happens it is often best to just miss the competition and shift on the next in your pursuit for a successful …

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Dec 18

Wheeling the Everyday Dual Equine And Value Bets

A scenario that often occurs at the competitions is a competition that provides an equine that seems to be may option in one of the first two competitions. It may be a teenager that is unique above the relax or an equine that has just won in amazing style. These circumstances help to activate gambling …

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Dec 08

Handicapping The Choose Three, Choose Four, And Other Several Leg Wagers

The multiple leg bets like pick threes and four legs provide value to the sensible handicapper who knows what to look for. Some purchasing around, however, is necessary. Just thoughtlessly gambling every multi-leg bet that comes along will not really cause to earnings. As in almost all other aspects of handicapping for value, just gambling …

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