Monthly Archive: October 2016

Oct 28

Reproduction and Coaching Are Important factors to First Winners

Using instructor styles successfully in maiden competitions will provide about equine rushing gambling earnings. The best way to do that is to suit sire particular characteristics to instructors who are most efficient with horse that display those functions. For example, a instructor who prefers to gradually carry a equine and competition it into scenario isn’t …

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Oct 18

When Handicapping Big Competitions and Levels, Go Deep

Big races and stakes races are different than the common declaring competitors or even allocation races. While there may still be some horse that are out considered or in over their leads, most of the athletes are made to win and are usually ready. Most handicappers don’t look at a horse’s strategy and ask what …

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Oct 08

Horse Racing Guidelines For Big Competitions and Excellent Value and Handicapping Advice

While the common competitors cards during the 7 days may generate high quality gambling possibilities, there are probably many more during days that have big races such as the Breeder’s Cup Competitions. The reason for that is the variety of proper horse and the truth that every horse in each levels of competitors are well …

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